Delias photography is an emotional and authentic mirror of todays life.

Since 2013 based in Berlin, her work has been focused on authentic characters and lifestyle photography.

 Her remarkable ability to catch the complex sides of reality, makes you feel a part of it. Her playful art shows intimacy as well as distance, fragility as well as strength.

 Delia is fascinated by her surroundings and what is behind the obvious. Music and culture are a big influence in her work.





GLS Bank, Samsonite, Smart,  Beko, MTV, Krombacher, Mister Spex, Adidas,  DM,  Sixt, Festo, Sony Music,  Ernst&Young, Daimler, Lidl, Jugendmigrationsdienste, Spreequell, Ritex, Hello Body, …


Heimat, Grey, Kreuzbergkind, Jung von Matt, Schipper Company,  Design Hoch 3, Liganova, Discodoener, Nitribitt, BBDO, Zum goldenen Hirschen, Heldisch, …


Stern, ELLE China, Nido, Grazia, JUICE, Zeit Online, Technicity Magazin, Spiegel Online, Lift, Bravo, Backspin, Provocateur Magazin, Noveaux Magazin,  Frankfurter Allgemeine, Emotion Magazin, Freitag, Electrified_, Psychologie Heute, myself, NZZ FOLIO  .…                                                                             




“Geschmückte Esslinger”

Schmuckerei, Esslingen, April 2019


activeART Gallery, Leipzig ,2017


Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, 2016

Third Winner of the  International Photography Competition .

“Me, My Selfie and I”

Lotte Gallery, Stuttgart, 2014 

Curated by Anna Maria Katz.

 An exhibition about daily self-staging in social media